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Ease the burdens of coordinating a successful event

Topit was designed to ease the many burdens of coordinating a successful event. Even the most organized teams often have to work across multiple apps and programs to manage a single event. This approach can be a drain on time and funds, taking away from the stellar event you are trying to produce.

Topit gives your team control over all facets of planning within a single interface, making the process more efficient. Manage your volunteers, tasks, supplies and important documents all in one place, while consolidating your efforts and reducing your costs.

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Everything in one place, on any device, anywhere.

Topit is a web-based software that brings every aspect of event planning together in one place. The easy-to-use interface works on any device to keep you on top of the people, tasks, supplies and everything else associated with your event. With all the little things in order, you can stay focused on making your event a big success.

One user manages email-based tasks and communication.

As an event planner, you have the responsibility of keeping your team informed and on schedule. Volunteers and event staff need to be in the right place at the right time for your event to go smoothly. With Topit’s email-based tasks and communication, everyone is kept in the loop about what’s expected of them. Topit sends email notifications automatically when you create new tasks, assigns them to an individual or update the details of a task.

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    Keep your contacts for all the people that will be part of making your event a success. There is no limit on the number of people you can add. You can store contact information and specific notes about people on your event team.


    There are a lot of to-dos on your list when creating an event. With Tasks, you can set up and assign everything associated with your event, big and small. You can even set a reminder for when the task needs to be complete.


    No matter the amount of supplies your event needs, you can manage with Topit. Anything from beverages and cups to chairs and banners. Add the name of the item, the quantity, and keep track as your supplies change.


    Time is one of the most limited resources when planning an event. Use Topit’s Schedule feature to organize your time wisely. Have the schedule on hand at all times, on your computer at home or on your phone and tablet on the go.

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    Keeping all your important documents together can be a tall order. Store all documents for your event in Topit. Upload any type of file from your computer, from receipts for supplies to an opening speech.


    Don’t want to start over the next time you plan an event? With Topit, you can duplicate an event for future use. Topit carries over most of the information from your original event, including people, tasks, supplies and documents.

What we are saying about Topit?

While planning multiple events for Topic, Topit made it so simple to divvy out and assign multiple categories of tasks to the team.

Our events stayed on time and were a success.

Taylor Hughes, Designer, Event Photographer

Our company hosts an enormous golf event every year with nightly dinners and multiple layers of accommodations over a three day period. We also have a large planning committee creating additional planning pressure. Topit allowed us to parse out the many duties to a very large team. We look forward to utilizing the duplication tool next year instead of starting from scratch!

Chris Hoffer, Director of Partner Relationship

We are a volunteer run organization, so clear and consolidated communication is key with everyone organizing in their spare time. The task emails that are sent to each contact with details and due dates were so productive. They contained all of the documents, reminders and details within one tool. Searching for what we said, whom we said it to and what we sent to whom is in the past.

Kristen Pericleous, AIGA Cincinnati Co-Vice President

PRICING – It’s Free! Consolidates all your tools and reduces your cost.

Yes, Topit is FREE to use. We do not require any credit card information to sign up.
Topit is currently in beta phase of our launch. We are dedicated to continuous improvement for your benefit and productivity. We will survey you throughout your experience, because we appreciate your perspective on how we can improve the platform.

This is an amazing time to take advantage of Topit’s beta phase, and we look forward to sharing future updates and enhancements with you.

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