Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a Topit account?

You can easily sign up for an account with Topit. Go to our website: and click on Get Started. Key in your details, upload the required KYCs and wait for our team to approve your account.

How long does it take for my KYCs to be approved?

After submitting all the required KYCs, approval takes between 24-48 hours.

What information do I need to provide while signing up for an account with Topit?

When signing up, the registration data that we always ask for include your BVN (for Nigerian clients), phone number, email, full name, DOB, and proof of residential address.

What documents do I need to provide for the sign up process?

Based on the limit that you would like imposed on your account, we may ask for different documents like Bank Verification Number (For Nigeria), government issued national ID, proof of residential address, Proof of source of funds (Bank statement), National Identity Number and employers address/business address.

How do I deposit funds (fiat) into my account?

Log in to your account. Click on Wallet. Click on Add Cash. For Nigeria, a virtual bank account will be generated for you. Once you send funds to the given account, it will automatically be credited to your account. In Kenya and South Africa, you will be provided with a unique reference number, which you need to use while making a deposit. The funds will be allocated to your account.

How do I deposit crypto currency?

Go to the dashboard. Click on the + next to the crypto currency. You will see the crypto wallet address, which you can use to deposit the crypto currency. Alternatively, click on the deposit button. Select the crypto currency that would want to deposit. A wallet address will be generated, which you can use to deposit crypto currency into your wallet.

How do I send/withdraw crypto currency?

Click on the withdrawal. Input the amount you want to withdraw and the wallet address. Click on the withdrawal button and wait for the crypto to be sent to the recipient.

How do I withdraw funds (fiat) from my account?

You can easily withdraw funds from your Topit Wallet straight into your bank account or straight into your mobile wallets. Go to the withdraw section, and key in the amounts that you’d like to withdraw. Sit and wait as we credit you bank account or mobile wallet based in your instruction.

How do I buy crypto currencies on the Topit Platform?

Securely log into your Topit wallet. Load your wallet with Fiat. Click on “Buy Crypto”. Select the crypto currency that you would like to buy from the list of the supported crypto currencies. Key in the quantity of crypto currency that you’d like to buy. The fiat equivalent will be displayed. Click on buy.

How do I sell crypto currencies?

Log into your Topit wallet. Click on the Sell crypto button. Key in the quantity/amount of crypto that you’d wish to sell. The crypto will automatically be sold and equivalent in fiat loaded into your wallet.

How often does TopIt process fiat withdrawals?

In Kenya, withdrawals are processed at the top of every hour. In Nigeria, withdrawals are automatically processed into your bank account the moment you initiate the transactions. Transactions above N1,000,000 are done manually at the top of every hour. In South Africa, withdrawals are done 3 times daily (11 AM SAST, 1 AM SAST, 3 PM SAST). Withdrawals can take up to 24 hours depending on the kind of withdrawal you select during the withdrawal process. Express/swift withdrawal is instant and reflects instantly. The fee is R70. Normal withdrawal can take upto 24 hours and costs R20.

Does Topit charge users fees to use the platform?

Yes. We charge fees for usage of our platform. You can check the fees we charge at the fees page

How do I add a bank account?

On your profile, add your bank account details. For security reasons, please note that you will not just be able to withdraw to any bank account. The bank account details must tally/match the account registration details for the withdrawals to be processed.

How do I update my account details?

After submitting your details to us, it is very hard to have them changed. You can however, send an email to when you need to amend any kind of information in your account.

Is it possible to create multiple accounts on Topit?

Unfortunately it is not possible to have more than one account on Topit.

Does Topit provide business account?

Yes. We offer corporate accounts for corporate clients. In case you need a corporate account, you can reach out to and one of our representatives will reach out to you.