1.0. Privacy policy.

TopIt.io is keen on ensuring that the personal information of clients is protected. In the process of offering our products and services, we always collect and maintain client’s personal information. This policy offers insights into the manner in which we collect, use and disclose the personal information that we obtain from clients using our website (https://topit.io). The policy also spells out why we collect data from our customers, what we do with the data and the measures we always put in place to ensure that the data is protected. 

2.0. Data we collect from clients

2.1. Personal Data that you may provide us

While using our website, we may collect, store and transfer various kinds of personal data regarding our clients. The information, which we always collect directly from our clients include the client’s name, email address, phone number, password, date of birth, client’s address, digital currency public key, and government identification numbers/documents among others. The addition of more features will prompt us to require additional information from our clients. 

2.2. Personal information that we may collect from you

When our clients visit our website or use our mobile app, some of the main information that we collect automatically include:

2.2.1. Log in data: The data that we collect include the browser our clients’ use and the IP address.

2.2.2. Device Data: We always collect data regarding the devices that our clients use to access their accounts. The main data that we may collect generally include the model of the hardware that our clients use, the operating system of the device, and unique device identifiers. 

2.2.3. Transaction Data: We may collect and keep data related to the transactions that you carry out while using our platform. 

2.3. Regulatory Data: Being in the financial services sector, we are obliged to collect data around Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML). As a result, the information, which we always collect include the client’s full name, the residential address of the clients, personal contact details, like the mobile phone number and email address, the clients’ date of birth, clients’ gender, nationality, bank account information, data regarding whether our clients are politically exposed persons, proof of source of funds, customers’ proof of address, data regarding government-issued identity cards, and the transaction history in connection to some of the services that we offer. 

2.4. Information from other sources: We always get information from other sources and combine it with the data we gather through our Services. 

2.4.1. Cookies: We use “cookies” in order to help in personalizing our clients’ online experience. 

2.4.2. Information from Banks and payment processors: The banks as well as the payment processors, which our clients use for the purpose of transferring fiat currency might relay to us our clients’ basic personal information like their names, address, and information related to their bank accounts. 

2.4.3. Advertising and Analytics providers: We always work with various advertising or analytics providers who always provide us with anonymised information regarding our clients. The information includes how our clients found our website. 

3.0. How we use our clients’ personal Data

We use the data that we collect from our customers to: 

  • To understand our customers with the aim of ensuring that we meet their needs perfectly. 
  • To improve on our product and service offerings. 
  • To improve on the manner in which we manage our operations with the aim of improving on efficiency.
  • To curb cases of fraudulent activities from the use of our website
  • To adhere to various regulatory requirements

4.0. Disclosures of personal data

We work with a number of third-party service providers. As a result, we may share our clients’ personal data with them. We have an agreement with third-party providers to respect the security of our clients’ personal data. The third-party providers we use are not allowed to use our clients’ personal data in any way. They are solely permitted to process our clients’ personal data for specific purposes and also based on our instructions.

In some cases, we may pass our clients’ personal data to:

  • Firms helping us to process, verify or to refund transactions that our clients make through our App
  • Firms that help us to verify the identities of our clients;
  • Agencies that help us to prevent fraud related to financial crime, money-laundering as well as terrorist financing;
  • Firms that help with customer support facilities;
  • Regulatory, as well as law enforcement authorities

5.0. Data security

We always ensure that our client’s personal data is protected with the right physical, technological as well as organizational safeguards. We always strive to audit our procedures as well as our security measures in a regular manner with the aim of making sure that they are administered in a proper manner and also to ensure that they are always effective and relevant. All our employees are highly committed to our privacy policies in order to ensure that the personal data of our clients are safeguarded. 

On our site, we have various security mechanisms, which are mainly aimed at protecting against any kind of loss, misuse as well as illegal modification of the information under our control. Additionally, our server makes use of TLS (Transport Layer Security) security protection through encrypting our clients Personal Data with the aim of preventing individuals from accessing Personal Data while it is travelling over the Internet.

6.0. Retention of Personal Data

The duration of time we retain our clients’ data generally differs based on the reasons behind the collection and usage of the data. The data that our clients provide on our website while subscribing to our products and services will be retained as long as the client is still actively using our services. The country location data and data on user preferences falls under that category. On the IP address login data, this is retained until subsequent login from a new IP. 

If the personal data collected is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was collected, any detail that identifies our clients will be removed. However, we might also need to store certain records for a given time duration (after our clients stop using a given Service) as stipulated by regulation. For instance, we are subject to some anti-money laundering laws, which require us to store certain information for a period of five (5) years following the end of the business relationship. 

7.0. Storage of data

TopIt stores clients’ personal data at very secure locations within the European Union. TopIt always strives to make sure that relevant security standards are in place to ensure that the data is safeguarded in a highly confidential and secure manner. 

8.0. Your rights

Based on the data protection laws, there are circumstances under which our clients have certain rights. These include:

  • The right to request access to their personal data
  • The right to request for their personal data to be corrected
  • The right to request for their personal data to be erased
  • The right to object to the processing of their personal data
  • The right to request the transfer of their personal data

9.0. Acceptance

By using the Services, you denote your agreement to this Privacy Policy. TopIt reserves the right to alter or amend this Privacy Policy at any time. Should we make any kind of alteration to this Privacy Policy, the amended Policy shall be posted here.

10.0. Questions and Complaints

Should you have any complaints or questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at legal@topit.io